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Few weeks ago I wrote to you that I was beginning a “Fast”. I asked you to contact me for any feedback or just to discuss about your experience.
I must thank you all for your cooperation, support and willing to share your experiences: THANK YOU FROM MY HEART (-:

Let me share with you some achievements:
a. I have a high level of energy, lost 10 kilos (from 95kg to 85kg) and I would like to keep this weight for a while;
b. I train regularly and seriously at least 30 minutes per day in the average;
c. I met new people doing the same, who cheered me up and did it together.
d. I have read several researches about body reaction to Habituation(1) and Acclimatization(2) to a new situation;
e. I met some people arguing that what I am doing is none sense and a Spartan way to live;

So what did I learn during this period of “Fast”(3)? First I have changed my perception and my mindset: instead of looking at “Fast” as a sacrifice or a hard pill to swallow, I saw it as a vacation for my vital organs. I supported my intention to find my ideal weight and to know better my body reacts to new situations. This brought me to meet the need of researching the causes of the Homeostasis process(4).

From 95kg to 85kg and back to 95kg

How to get to the new balance?

This is the hard part! It is difficult when you are out of balance to recall your energy and be focused on your commitment. It has happened to me on the 23.10.2016, 13 days after I committed to avoiding sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat and eat more vegetables, nuts and fruits.
I was together with the Choir(5) for the “day singing lesson” and we were almost 80 people gathered in a big room with a Piano and a Kitchen.
During lunchtime I stood out to all the delicious dishes, but unfortunately, I couldn’t resist the Delicious homemade pastries and I exaggerated.
I ate a lot of sweets and my belly wasn’t happy.
During this difficult moment I was denying my actual status: I was pretending that I could resist, my mind was clouded by other thoughts and I was not nurturing my commitment. I realized this unfocused reaction only two days later while talking about that experience with a friend. Unfortunately, it was too late, my belly felt really bad also because of cheating to my commitment. So I cured myself with herbal tea, adding more days to the commitment, adding more exercise to the coming days and booking a Shiatsu session.

I must thank you all for your cooperation, support and willing to share your experiences

What is my opinion about “Fast”?

With this attitude I give myself every day a present: I receive and create space to repeat happy experiences. I am also happy to share it with you.

Finally, I know that is impossible to avoid people tempting you with delicious food or avoid outer stimulus, isn’t it? We are responsible to behave with it, do you agree?
We are responsible to behave with care and support our organism while eliminating the “foreign matter” as efficiently as possible.

To do so I need to:
a. confide in my human resource: aligning the Brain, my thoughts, the Heart, my rhythm, the Gut, my source of nourishment and let them cooperate all together;
b. experiment and expose myself to the kind of Hormesis (6) I like: don’t let the outer stimulus cloud my inner needs;
c. explore, learn and respect the reactions of my body;
d. take the time for a break with a Shiatsu Session or Meditation or another kind of technique allowing me to recall warmth and calmness.

Imagine that we are breathing and are feeding like a fish does while swimming in the ocean: our being interacts with the external world with every breath we take and every time we open our mouth.

(1) Habituation: you are acting automatically to a repetitive situation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habituation)
(2) Acclimatization: you suit the best to a repetitive situation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acclimatization)
(3) “Fast” from the 10.10.2016 till the 30.11.2016
(4) Homeostasis is a term coined by Walter B. Cannon which embrace all the complicated process of the body to maintain a constant internal environment. (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-is-homeostasis/)
(5) I sing in the „Chor der Nationen“ http://www.chordernationen.ch/
(6) Hormesis (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2248601/http://gettingstronger.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/BeckerAHS16.pdf); In general the “Hormesis action” need to be measured accordingly to which cells are involved!! Homeostasis, on a cellular level, needs to be tested individually, because everybody has his own reaction to the Hormesis action. Proteins will be asked to bring to a new balance by “repairing” and “detoxing” the stroked cells.

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