Unconditional Love,
the source of
life energy

Unconditional love is always and constantly around us and sends out signals without warning. How do you feel about being in this state? Which signals does unconditional love send you? How do you perceive them? How do you react? How do you love yourself every day?
Shiatsu can be a technique for processing these messages: with this method, the receiver gives himself time to ask questions and seek for the answers. These are highlighted by the flow quality of the vital energy. Lying on the futon, a safe place, the Shiatsu receivers can perceive the influence of their actions. Through the work on their body, by pressing, stretching and breathing, they will be more aware of their body in action.

To write about unconditional love, I take my cue from the interaction between seed and egg cell: I think of two fertile persons who live that RENDEZVOUS, indescribably and intensely intimate, that takes their breath away. That Moment when all their cells enter a state of extraordinary activity to generate a new creature. These two persons are joining their forces to trigger a series of chain reactions involving all their cells. All their knowledge, accumulated in the days before their union, the physical traits, the experience, the genealogical baggage of the two parents, all their experiences with unconditional love, all this becomes part of the new human being condensing into a couple of 23 chromosomes. All their energy pushes that one sperm towards that one egg cell and, at the same time, that one egg cell attracts, among millions, that one sperm. At that precise instant, their HEARTS are completely open, as well as the one of the new creature that is living his first experience of unconditional love.

Nature is for me a source of energy and a «place» where to re-center and re-connect, not only with myself but also with what is all around me

At that moment the new creature is ready to embark on the adventure of life: receiving and giving everything he/she has available. Parents and the new creature receive/give, push/attract in different forms: the father caressing, hugging, kissing, with nice words, with every action he expresses his love to both. The mother transmits this experience to the little creature through her blood, her energy, every breath she takes, her space, and much more… What the little being receives is a condensate of external energy, like the one that pushes a pilgrim to embark on his long journey to return from the temple to his home.
This thrust is given by the external energy that is: sweaty, that gives you blisters, that makes you feel good, that is in connection with nature and that surrounds you, that gives you the desire and the spark to move forward …

How beautiful is to be in a Hug

The external energy, before being part of the new creature, must be filtered and reduced to small parts. I imagine it condensed in the mother’s blood, then filtered by the placenta and integrated by the new creature. Its primordial source of energy, the core of unconditional love, will thus be able to develop and grow. Receive it and filter it in a movement towards the inside. Then integrate it in the core of the body and then re-filter it and share it in a movement towards the outside.
To give an example, which happens regularly even now while you are reading, is the breathing: we receive the air, the lungs filter it and extract the essence out to be shared with our body. This essence reaches our core and then, from the core, it returns back in the circulation system. Is filtered out by the lungs and exhaled. All this without knowing exactly what is happening, while being aware of it in actively perceiving this experience.

Each one of us lives thanks to unique filters(1), which allow us to integrate external energy, nourish our primordial source and the core of unconditional love by constantly sharing it throughout our existence. Each of us can reflect and investigate our own evolution of unconditional love: How much do I have for me? How much do I receive from others? How many actions do I take with passion? Which people do I keep away and which do I keep close to me? What is stopping me from approaching distant people and what is stopping me from distancing people close by? How do I nurture myself? What do I do when I feel assaulted? What is my outburst valve? Why has it become my outburst valve? How do I follow the “forces” transmitted by my surroundings? Where do these “forces” come from? Have you ever wondered how much Love you distribute without expecting anything in return? I’m not saying you have to be a parent to experience it, because I’m sure you’ve already experienced it. How? When you were amazed by the wonderful colour of a flower, or when you had your mouth watered for your delicious meal, or when you expressed your love with a smile…

When you open your eyes, when you nurture yourself, when you breathe, while feeling and living the emotions (2)! Asking yourself questions about the evolution of your unconditional love allows you to open a channel between your actions and your body. So you have the opportunity to reset, re-examine the interaction with your inner core and hear its voice. Because you are aware of your core, you have the possibility to make new decisions in life and change the “forces” transmitted.
One technique for embarking on this journey in the body can be Shiatsu(3). Feeling more your body and taking the time to listen to it, allows you to reflect on the actions affecting the core and on how to balance them in everyday life! Note that each experience is intimately unique and there are not enough words to describe what unconditional love causes to our core.

Beauty is in me, together with foggy old stories and the sun

I will close with the wish that you will be brave enough to undertake the next action with Love for yourself, listening to the signals of the core without any expectation, not asking yourself what others will think, but embracing your inner voice(4).

(1) These filters are made by the organs and their invisible forces that are constantly at work. By invisible forces, I mean physiological and transmitted forces. Physiological forces allow us to “live inside” so that “the inside” can fulfill its function (the heart pulses constantly, the blood is enriched with oxygen, the intestine extracts the nutrients that we take in). Transmitted forces come from the environment around us and enable us to maintain the necessary resources to regulate our well-being. Some of these invisible forces have been studied and made it visible by doctors, sociologists, anthropologists, mathematicians, psychiatrists, philosophers, artists, and other researchers. We humans take it for granted that we eat with our mouths and hear with our ears, and it is precisely these invisible forces that drive us to do so. These invisible forces allow us to integrate energy and maintain a certain balance between what happens outside and what inside. The “forces” that regulate the action of our organs, some inherited and others learned over the years, enable us to manage bodily functions: breathing, digestion, blood pressure, sugar levels, the way we learn, hear, touch, smell, interact with parents, friends, partners…and the essence of unconditional love that will evolve and transform into a new balance.
(2) I warmly invite you to invest at least 5 minutes of your time to be kind and thank you with your organs:
– with your eyes, for their constant work;
– with the digestive system, for the immense work of food processing;
– with the muscles, that enable you to move the limbs and experience the emotions;
– with the heart, which emphasizes your actions with its irregular rhythm and moves the blood to the rhythm given by your filters and their laws, which have developed in your mother’s belly up to now;
– with your all Body.
(3) As well as meditation or physical or creative exercises or a mixture of all these and others…
(4) Everything that happens before and after birth, from the past to the present, each act is moved by this energy and it lets the genealogical baggage grow and transform.

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