The Water

It is September the 23rd 2017, the alarm clock rings at 4 am, and, after a rich breakfast, together with Michelle(1), Lisa and Walter we take the boat. The seaway takes us the Sant’Antonio Beach at the foot of Pertusato lighthouse in Corsica.

It is 7.15 am and 12 open water enthusiasts Swimmers begin to swim towards Sardinia. Among these 12 there is also me. 

We were very lucky with the weather and the currents: the Strait of Bonifacio is famous for the wind blowing constantly and making the waters rough.

But that day the waves were about 10 centimeters high, the sky of an intense blue and the water was pleasant (21 degrees in average), deep, enveloping, powerful, clear, gorgeous.
When I describe this magnificent adventure, I can still feel the caress of the sea, which lasted about 6 hours and 20 minutes, and which, along the 15.5 kilometers, cuddled me; the heat of the sun, the laughter that came from my friends on the boat, the thoughts that fluttered in my mind and were taken away with the current.

I’m often asked, “But what made you swim so long?” “Have you ever wanted to quit?” And “What will be the next challenge?” My goal was to increase the awareness and the perceptions of my body, so to find points where my energy did not flow freely.

12 Open Water enthusiasts Swimmers

With this full immersion experience in the Water Element, I could explore the reactions of my body in an intense and prolonged state.
It’s one of Yang’s ways to give a shock to my cell (2) and to my cautious nature.

During my training, what helped me most was: the training program, the support of the people I was close to (Patricia (3), Michelle(1), Candia and others) and Shiatsu sessions from Arlette. The preparation was essential to completing this fantastic experience!

During the crossing, there was no room for doubts, pain or concerns: as soon as I felt something coming I immediately found a solution to continue swimming.

I felt my body in action: I felt the well-being growing and invading those points in my body that were painful.

In the water

One of the 6 pauses

During the Crossing after ca. 6km

The most difficult moment was when I had to adapt to the organizer’s desire and change my swimming direction.
And the most satisfying was when I used the anger to swim against the stream for the last few kilometers.
All this and more, was possible thanks to the workouts and the constant questioning: how do I feel? Where is my balance? What do I think? How can I invest my energy to support my intention?
Et voilà, after 6 hours and 20 minutes, I reached the white beach of Rena Bianca. Now I can add to my Treasure Chest these 15.5km and the desire to preserve this magnificent natural place!

Corsica, far behind is the Sant’Anton beach

With each stroke, I could help my body to stay healthy. I seize the Wellbeing to keep strengthening my body and nurturing my intentions.
I think it is important to continue the workouts, so that my body can be ready for any emergency / danger (bacteria or viruses or situations or emotions or anything else) and can recover in a natural way.

The same movement can be translated into actions that safeguard the “natural beauty” / “health” without waiting for a disaster to happen.

Sardinia, Rena Bianca beach

The last 500Metersish

At the Arrival the 26th Sep. 2016
after 6 Hours and 20 Minutes, 15.5 Kilometers

Shiatsu provides a space for self-awareness. Letting go judgments, assumptions and expectations

Massimo Martino
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