Looking for the confirmation

We start from the fact that our brain has to select between all the information it receives from our senses, whether this information comes: from the inside the PH blood receptors(1) or from the outside, for example the tactile sense.

The brain processes billions of information at a difficult pace to replicate and, among all these pieces of information, it must be able to extract the essential ones in order to cope with vital needs. This selection forms a certain structure, a sort of invisible network, which allows the interaction of our inner world with the outer world.

Every interaction causes a Rhythm that becomes the engine of our actions: the more this rhythm is driven by internal needs, the more natural it is. This Natural Rhythm is fueled from our core where the pure energy is, which from inside nourishes the interactions with the outer world.

I have tried to feel this pure energy by reducing the intake of calories; or by reducing exciting agents such as alcohol, coffee and sugar; or by increasing the physical mobility also in the cold water(2).

At first, I did not notice the changes that took place and how my Natural Rhythm was changing.
During a series of Shiatsu sessions, I could realize that my metabolism was different: the pure energy in my body was choosing new ways and building a new Invisible Network that redirected my interaction with the outer world.

The Confirmation came from the rediscovered happiness in the actions and the way of expressing them.
Thanks to Shiatsu and the visualisation of the Meridians, I recognized this Confirmation.

(1) thanks to the respiration and the work of the kidneys the blood is stabilized to a PH of about 7.4
(2) see also “Homeostasis and Hormesis” article

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