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Questions from the daily life

As Shiatsu therapist, I am committed to experiencing the Yin and the Yang Energy, questioning my female and male inner sides, going through fasting or a feast, enjoying a hard rock concert or an opera, relaxing in cold water or in a sauna…

Questioning and researching my needs, perceptions and intentions, has deepen my knowfledge and understand the Life Energy (Ki).

This also includes accepting that I cannot or do not want to experiment with all kinds of Ki experiences.

Nature is so abundant, wonderful, vast and unpredictable. This Abundance give us an incredible amount of knowledge. To feel them out again and again is testing and is training our defenses. This has brought me to respect my body and explore the life again and again.

King Covid XIX and the quarantine (June 2020)

In the last few months, a guest of the Virus’s Kingdom, has taken much of our attention.  In our history, there has always been a period where we are asked to put something in “quarantine” a period to distance ourselves from the daily events of everyday life, a period to distance ourselves from the actions we perform without attention and with eyes blurred by emotions that block us in a situation that takes away our energy…

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Home meditation (March 2020)

We find ourselves having to share everyday life in this unprecedented and uncertain period with the Corona Virus. Since this should remain with us for several weeks, we have to adapt to the current situation.
From the Micro point of view, I consider my body as HOME, which, under the skin, has a vast Macro aspect that I trust and nourish with all my actions. From the Macro point of view, I consider everything around me, everything that is at hand, that my body constantly receives as Micro information.

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The Water Element, Second Chapter (August 2019)

With the determination, awareness of my emotions and the knowledge that my shoulder wasn’t 100% yet, I could swim for 3 hours as well as 6 hours on the open sea.
in Zürich, I took up the subject again with my therapists and myself. And in August 2019 I swam from Rapperswil to Zürich…

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Unconditional Love, the source of life energy (April 2019)

Unconditional love is always and constantly around us and sends out signals without warning. How do you feel about being in this state? Which signals does unconditional love send you? Have you ever wondered how much Love you distribute without expecting anything in return? I’m sure you’ve already experienced it. How? When you were amazed by the wonderful colour of a flower, or when you had your mouth watered for your delicious meal, or when you expressed your love with a smile…

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Cold as Ally (February 2019)

During the broadcast of the 7th of February in the RSI’s Studies we talked about how the cold has become my ally.
In general, the most common question is: “Massimo, why do you bathe in cold water!?” and the answer is…

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Critical and judgmental mind (November 2018)

While focusing on feeling my body without judging or criticizing, I was trusting its intelligence and opening my senses. Feeling the beating heart, the movement of my lungs without understanding how my body REALLY works.
Following its signals and trying to read between the lines of my skin, my fat, my muscles, my bones and my cells. This without letting myself be influenced by others’ opinions: after all, who knows my body better than I do? We’ve been together for more than 45 years, haven’t we?

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No Fear, no party (January 2018)

Let the inspiration be led by the emotions so, after having meditated on that, I realized that Fear and Risk played an essential role.
While swimming in that muddy river in Ecuador, during an endless moment, I was stuck, blocked from fear, and I could not savour the intense joy, the smells, the sensations of my body, the colours, the sounds, the beating of my heart and my breath. For a moment I was not present in this intense and special moment full of courage and vulnerability!
After being reconciled with all these feelings and sensations, I realized two facts:…

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The Water Element (October 2017)

It is 7.15 am and 12 open water enthusiasts Swimmers begin to swim from Corsica towards Sardinia. Among these 12 there is also me.
I’m often asked, “But what made you swim so long?” “Have you ever wanted to quit?” And “What will be the next challenge?”…

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Access your own energy reserves! (August 2017)

When the game gets tough, can you stay relaxed and find the path to your inner core?
Every moment of each day is supported by a choice. Whether it’s “acting” or “not acting” the ultimate goal is always the same: a personal balance that meets your current needs, perceptions and intentions. Every day we have the opportunity to access this inner source of lively energy and we do it regularly consciously or automatically…

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Looking for the confirmation
(April 2017)

We start from the fact that our brain has to select between all the information it receives from our senses, whether this information come: from the inside, for exemple from the PH blood receptors, or from the outside, for example the tactile sense.
Every interaction causes a Rhythm that becomes the engine of our actions…

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Embody the Shiatsu experience. (Jannuary 2017)

The total immersion, happening during the Shiatsu session, gives you a chance to reach your core, your pure life energy and its sources of joy.
An important life skill is to reconnect with the embodied experiences. With a constant exercise, you will be able to recall the state of well-being that evokes a Shiatsu session. This helps you to reinforce your intention and to achieve your purposes…

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A way to discover your body’s skills. (December 2016)

What is the Homeostasis process?
Our body creates the new Homeostasis or Balance and our cells are constantly looking for it, is part of our vitality!…

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What did I learn while “fasting”?
(November 2016)

First I have changed my perception and my mindset: instead of looking at “Fast” as a sacrifice or a hard pill to swallow, I saw it as a vacation for my vital organs…

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What led me to swim in the icy water? (September 2016)

How to increase your energy level?
While working with my clients, my intention is to nurture and to support that part that allows the client going through life situations (illness, stress, emotions, something missing or to be fulfilled). A movement that comes from the heart and feeds the intention of…

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About meditation
(June 2016)

Saying that meditation is boring it is easy. Easy to say that it doesn’t work, easy to avoid it than observing and being fully in the practice. Easier than trusting myself and nurturing my intention to keep the practice. Give a chance to your practice! Be active in the observation of your body. Practice without being attached to judgments or expectations… Practice and feel your heart beating…

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