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In the definition of the Kingdoms of Carl Nilsson Linnaeus (1) I find my place in the order of primates and in the Homo Sapiens’ species. In this period I felt like one of the many guests living on this planet and part of the animal’s kingdom (2). How do the other guests of the animal kingdom perceive me? And the other beings from the other kingdoms, how do they perceive me? I also wonder why Carl Nilsson Linnaeus felt the need to use his energy to create this scientific classification. One of his aphorisms says:

“If you don’t know the name, the knowledge of things also dies”

I think he was stimulated by the need to keep the knowledge of “things” alive. From Shiatsu’s point of view, according to the 5 elements’ law, I think that Mr. Linnaeus followed the impulse of the energy of his elements: seek (wood), feel (fire), understand (earth), remember (metal) and learn (water).

In the last few months, a guest of the Virus’s Kingdom, has taken much of our attention. The “thing” in question (3) has gained the attention of many of us. In the last few months I’ve had time to look for a name for the “thing” around me and I thought of calling it: King Covid XIX. In these last few months, I have realized how important it is to look for a name for the “things” around me and feel the emotions that I crystallize in their “name”. To give a name to “things” I felt the need to have a “place” where I feel safe, where I can express myself freely, where I can search for their “name” without being judged. Every time I went to this “place” I searched for its characteristics, felt the emotions it caused me, became aware of the points in the body that changed according to what I felt and to what I was searching for. From a Micro point of view, looking at myself as I am, dedicating time and love to what I am, following the needs that nourish my body, my mind, my spirit and everything else that gives me the right to be part of the class of mammals. I felt the “thin layer” of fear and uncertainty that blurred eyes. I worked on the hidden “emotions“.

Take your time to find a “safe place”, keep on looking for it and go back there as soon as you need.

The “memory” of what I am without this “thin layer” opened the door to a new energy. I felt the shape, the color, the structure, the origin of the “thin layer“; I understood which “emotions” blurred my eyes; I brought back to the surface the “memory” of well-being without being distracted by fears and uncertainties. From a macro point of view, looking at the “guests” as they are, dedicating time and love to what they are, following the needs they express. I “felt” their effect on me, how they helped to change the consistency of my “thin layer“; I understood which “emotion” provokes a certain movement; I brought back to the surface the “memory” of the well-being of a certain movement.
In these last months, I have been looking for a “safe place” to explore the effect of King Covid XIX on my body, mind and soul from a Micro and Macro point of view, finding a balance between the weight of the “thin layer” and the lightness of my energy.

Opening the door to new energy and looking for my “safe place”

Giving a name to this “thing” that everyone calls COVID-19 or coronavirus (4) so that knowledge does not die. In the past there have been many rulers and when one king dies, another one arrives (5). Who gives him the power to rule us? How his actions are nurturing my energy? Which emotions does his presence cause? How do I feel in his presence? What does he look like?

I try to answer these questions by going to my “safe place“, wondering what stories I believe in and what stories I have faith in. What helps me to keep the balance between the Micro and Macro worlds? Reflecting on the answers, I thought that in our history there has always been a period where we are asked to put something in “quarantine” (6) a period to distance ourselves from the daily events of everyday life, a period to distance ourselves from the actions we perform without attention and with eyes blurred by emotions that block us in a situation that takes away our energy. So I can give a name to the “thing” that I want to leave in “quarantine”. Also I can recognize the “name” of that “thing” that gives me energy. Appreciating how my rhythm has changed after I put that “thing” in “quarantine”. Taking time in my “safe place” and get the necessary energy: asking myself: can I take a deep breath and step into the unknown?

Good Shiatsu to all.

A “safe place” that nurtures me and my energy core

(1) Who is Carl Nilsson Linnaeus:
(2) A classification of the Natural Kingdom:
(3) The thing in question is this Corona Virus, which it seems that Viruses are not yet part of the above Kingdom, because they do not have a metabolism.
(4) Here some interesting articles:
History of pandemics:, (…) “One of the first instances of relying on geography and statistical analysis was in mid-19th century London, during a cholera outbreak. In 1854, Dr. John Snow came to the conclusion that cholera was spreading via tainted water and decided to display neighborhood mortality data directly on a map. This method revealed a cluster of cases around a specific pump from which people were drawing their water from.” (…)
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Immage from: – history of pandemics deadliest.

(5) Here a list of Monarchs:
(6) Here some quarantine experiences:
Ramadan, Lent, Catharsis, the Shabbat, Jêune genevois

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