Home meditation

Take a picture where the Macro aspect is taken into account.
Turn off the WiFi, put your phone in Flying mode and ask your family to do the same thing
or not to bother you for the next 30 minutes.
Look at the picture you’ve chosen and keep it handy.
Start when you feel you are ready:

i.) take 15 minutes to calm your senses: make yourself comfortable without any other input other than from nature. Maybe you have the window open and you hear children playing, birds chirping, cars passing, bells ringing, wind in the trees… let all this flow in its Macro aspect and become aware of your Micro being.

Start with your sense of hearing: calm your breathing and don’t be busy with what’s going on outside. Turn your hearing inward, hear the beat of your heart. Be patient and loving, without judging or evaluating. Give space to your sense of hearing and let it guide you closer and closer to your heart. At some point you will feel your heart beating distinctly. Thank him for his constant work.

Move on to the sense of touch: feel the messages of your skin? Feel where your skin is in contact with what you are wearing? Feel the movement of your heart? Feel the contact of your skin with your trousers, the sensations of your feet in your socks, feel your back where is resting. Feel how the sensations change every time you breathe in and out. At a certain moment you will feel that the movement of your heart and the movement of your breathing play together with a natural rhythm. Thank your skin to be part of this game.

Go to the sense of taste: feel how your tongue wants to dance with this natural rhythm? Feel how your tongue adheres to the palate? Do you feel the liquids in your mouth? Thank your tongue for its constant work.

Go to the sense of smell: feel the air coming out and entering through your nostrils, feel the temperature of the air, its smell, its humidity, follow its path from the nostrils to the lungs that extract oxygen, which is transported into the body at the natural rhythm of your heart and your breathing. Be grateful to your nose.

Now take the last step, in a conscious way, helped by the opening of the other senses, and take the sense of sight: take the photo you have chosen and bring back to memory the sensations of the 5 senses. Take the time to look at it without being occupied by the sensations that flow from this photo and by the memories soaked in it at this precise moment. Slowly close your eyes and let the Macro look to resonate with the inner Macro look. Let the memories resonate with the natural rhythm of your breath and heart. Try to slow down the rhythm until you can perceive and express each memory. Let them resonate with the sensations of hearing, touch, taste and smell. Thank your eyes.

ii.) take 5 minutes for emotions: note how your breathing and heartbeat changes. Note if you are stuck in an emotion or if an emotion needs more attention. If you feel overwhelmed, do again i.) and calm your senses or count backwards from 5 (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0). Let these emotions flow freely and at the natural rhythm of your inner Macro world.

iii.) take 5 minutes to describe: right now follow your need, maybe you want to get up, or dance, or draw, or write, or write, or sing, or laugh, or all these things together. Let yourself be guided by the rhythm of your breath and your heart.

iv.) take 5 minutes to do it again: i.)

v.) take the time to: feel your center, feel your inner world and feel how you take care of your HOME made of feelings, emotions and memories. Feel the quality of the energy that comes out of every brick in your HOME, recalled by the photo you have chosen. Take the time to be grateful to your body that has managed to have enough energy to incorporate these sensations and bring them back to the surface… all this is HOME, it is the place where you live, the place that allows you to extract food, the place that welcomes your tears lying on the towel on your last day of vacation, that welcomes your laughter, that gives you all its knowledge and asks you to respect it when you listen to it, when you touch it, when you taste it, when you smell it and when you look at it. All this happens without judging your HOME. Take the time to take care of your Macro world inside you and the Micro world around you.

If you feel busy controlling the time then it’s best to start without time limits. Time is a way to decide on a beginning and an end. If you are busy with the instructions, I recommend that you record your voice, so than you can take how much time you need. If you would like to have a recorded version please send me an E-mail I will be happy to send you the recording via wetransfer.com in two files 11MB+37MB.

Shiatsu provides a space for self-awareness. Letting go judgments, assumptions and expectations

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