The Shiatsu experience

At the beginning of the Shiatsu session, I ask the client to look for a point in the body that is warm, relaxed and full of life. A place he/ she loves and expands throughout the body by each breath. While the client immerse in this experience, I work on his/ her meridians. The locations out of balance take my attention and I will work on them with sedating or toning techniques.

During the session, the client can:
– feel his/ her own body, which allow him/ her to interact with the world;
– observe his/ her strengths, where are these located, giving room to joy, beauty, health and will;
– receive a precise touch that supports and strengthens the innate body’s ability to heal and homeostasis.

In the last minutes of the session, I invite the clients to observe the movement generated while breathing. To feel the ribs expanding and contracting.

To listen to the different rhythms that give pace to the blood and all other liquids throughout the body. To immerse in this experience and to embody it. So that he/ she can use it in the future.
Sometimes my clients, a bit hesitant, at the end of the session ask me: “But how can I embody this Shiatsu experience?
I cannot give them the precise answer: I do not know which chemical processes in our bodies lead to embody an experience.
As Mother Nature teaches us, we are all different and everyone has his own way of embodying the experience.
Luckily, though, I see this happening again and again. For example, I experienced a stressful situation giving a public speech.

At Curious Courses Day, Sep. 2016

Having an experience is the starting point for embodying it.
You have to get involved, to observe your limits, know how far you want to go and how to use your potential.
This allows us to feel the capabilities of our bodies. 

I took the time to breathe and relax by letting this stress freely flow. I reconnected with the experience I had while receiving Shiatsu, immersed in the sensations of my body. This helped me to turn my stress during public speaking into strength. It made me feel sure of what I wanted to convey to the audience.
I find it an important life skill to reconnect with the embodied experiences. You will see that with a constant exercise you will be able to recall the state of well-being that evokes a Shiatsu session. This helps you to reinforce your intention and to achieve your purposes!

The total immersion, during the Shiatsu session, gives a chance to see what stops you from reaching your core, your pure life energy core and its sources of joy.

Massimo Martino
KT mit Branchenzertifikat
OdA KT, Methode Shiatsu,
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