What the clients think about my Shiatsu practice

Tania – after 13 sessions – Feeling the Vital Energy
Max, thanks for the help and attentive listening and for helping me taking the right direction. Even my Energy took the right direction flowing in the meridians !!!
Nov 2014, Tania

Sarah – after 11 sessions – Thanks!
Even if you were not yet graduated, you supported me during an intense period.Your sessions calmed me and gave confidence in me and to the fact that I am not alone. Merci!
Nov 2014, Sarah

Nadia – after 5 sessions – Nourishing my vitality
I feel accompanied bringing back awareness to the body and its primordial energy to freely flow again by nourishing my vitality. Thanks!
Oct 2014, Nadia

Michelle – after 28 sessions – I learned to take time and give me more space
Shiatsu supported me in learning a state of tranquility. Things “to do” and to time for myself are easier to face.
The sessions have helped me to focus on the morning practice, made of meditation and exercises that have had a major impact on both the tired feeling and on stress.
I learned to take time and give me more space. Thank you!
Sep 2014, Michelle, www.bodylearning.ch

Sara – after 10 sessions – Taking care of myself
You supported me with great care and professionalism, relaxing and supporting me in take care of myself. Thanks Max !!
Sep 2014, Sara

Tania – after 4 sessions – Discovering Shiatsu against neck pain
A few months ago I came to you for a problem of neck pain who accompanied me for years … Session after session, you managed to make me regain the ability to let go, not only neck but my whole body, before always tense, so that now the sessions often relaxes me to the point that I dozed off. Pity then that I have to wake up!
Sep 2014, Tania

Massimo – Shiatsu what an experience
is since Mai 2011 that I receive and give Shiatsu Sessions. I am fascinated of such an owesome experience and courius about the next
Sep 2014, Massimo, www.meandshiatsu.ch

G. – after 9 sessions – A migraine case
With Massimo’s treatments I’ve learned to cope with my thoughts differently. For example, I could see migraine cases as a consequence of a momentary unpleasant situation that put me under pressure. This recognition and to exercise this awareness have helped me. Thanks for your sessions!
Apr 2014, G.

M. – after 7 sessions – Need for quiet sleep
Dear Max, Thank you again for your competent and professional treatment (incl. Introductory talk, treatment and de-briefing afterwards.) It has really made me feel good. As I said, I felt then light as a feather or a floating leaf – this feeling has persisted and I could again sleep very well.
Sep 2013, M.

Lisa – after 5 sessions – Discovering Shiatsu
For me, the sessions were a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Shiatsu method and to feel the effects. After each session, I felt more connected with my body and relaxed. Tension in the back and in the jaw and sometimes stomach acid were buried and noticed an improvement.
During the treatments I often had the feeling that an inner cleansing took place. Several topics were buzzing in the head, as in a dream, until everything has calmed down and I could immerse myself in relaxation.
Massimo was always very sensitive and caring. His touch is very pleasant, with the right pressure and energy that comes from his warm hands. Also, I appreciate the exchange before and after treatments. Thanks!
Aug 2012, Lisa