Shiatsu during and after pregnancy

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My work during the period of pregnancy respects the connection between body and mind, between muscles and bones, sounds and resonance, between the new life and the parents, between breath and movement. During the Shiatsu session in pregnancy, I focus on the women’ natural power to give birth. I support the clients to be in harmony with this miracle.

Depending on the objective of the client/ the couple, I will work on:
– supporting the connection between the baby and the Mother.
– showing practical exercises to prepare to welcome the new life.
– showing aim-oriented exercises to regain strength in the phase between the contractions.
– supporting the role of the partner helping the pregnant woman during pregnancy, during the birth and also after.
– supporting the recovery after the birth.

Shiatsu Therapist during Pregnancy (Jun 2016)
Diploma and training by Well Mother.
Other Experts in the Pregnancy:
María Rosa Laplace Andrealo Perinatal Mental Health and Preconception Therapist