My name is Massimo Martino and I am 45. I spent my first 20 years between Canton Solothurn and Ticino. Then I moved to Fribourg, where I studied Economics before returning to Ticino, where I started my working experience. Then, in 2010, I moved to Zürich, where an exciting new life has begun.

So far as Economist I felt happy and well, despite that I realized that I could have more from life: my body and my soul were asking for more care. The imperative need to “feel” and “hear” my body took place and, keeping active and calm, I had the chance to take distance from everyday routine and feel my potentialities and opportunities.

The Shiatsu method caught immediately my attention because is a practical method that brings the life energy (Ki in Japanese) to freely flow into our body showing the way to the balance.
This was the beginning of my new journey, which continued choosing the school: the Ko Schule in Zürich. The life of Master Hiroshi Nozaki, the founder of the school, inspired me with his open, simple and generous approach, wisely applied by the teachers, caught immediately my attention.
This commitment I employ every day with joy and an open heart to those people I can accompany as shiatsu therapist.

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Shiatsu education since 2011:
Sep 17: Inner techniques – the quality of touch in Shiatsu, with Wilfried Rappenecker

Nov 16: Rare diseases (46. Congress Association of Medical Assistants)
Oct 16: The Polarity Embryo, with Dr. Jaap van der Wal

May 15 – June 16: Shiatsu in pregnancy, birth and babyhood (Well Mother), Certificate

Since Dic 15: Praxis also at Schaffhausertstrasse 43
Since Apr 15: Registered by the Empirical Medicine register for the Complementary insurance
Since Jan 15: Active Member by SGS
Since Jan 15: Recognized by Foundation for Complementary Medicine: ASCA
Since Nov 14: Recognized by Complentary Insurance: EGK

May 11 – May 14: Diplom als Shiatsu Therapeut bei der Ko-Schule
Since Nov 13: Praxis, Sihlstrasse 61
May 11 – Sep 12: Wellness Shiatsu Practitioner by Ko-Schule
Mar 12: Medicine Basis knowledge

Ongoing Life Energy experiences:
Jan 18: Journey in the Heart of Ecuadorian Amazon, mentors Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan and David Tucker Pachamama Alliance, related article

Nov 17: Annual Concert of “Chor Der Nationen Zürich” in St. Peter, Zürich
Sep 17: Swimming the Strait of Bonifacio, Mediterranean Sea, Mentor Patricia Brülhart, with Nuoto in Acque Libere, related article
Jun 17: Ironman 70.3, Rapperswil-Jona, related article
May 17: Hit The Wall swimming camp, Irland, Mentor Patricia Brülhart, with Infinity Channel Swimming
Feb 17: The Space Between us, Workshop for couples, second module, Mentor Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Nov 16: Annual Concert of “Chor Der Nationen Zürich” in St. Peter, Zürich
Sep 16: Experience with my Ki: Curious Courses Day
Aug 16: The Space Between us, Workshop for couples, first module, Mentor Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan
Mar 15 – Jul 16: Meditation guide (Tibet Institut), mentor Loten Dahortsang, Certificate
Jul 16: Lu Jong: course at Château de Fougerette, Ferienspass 2016 with Massimo
Jul 16: Experience with my Ki: “The Lost mountain Iceman Experience”, mentor Wim Hof
Oct 15 – Mar 16: Develop compassion – find inner strength in everyday life (Rigpa Zürich)
Oct 15 – Jan 16: Experience with my Ki: Preparation for Icewater bath at (Seeblisee), mentor Wim Hof, tanks to Coopzeitung

Jul 15: Lu Jong: 7 days course at Château de Fougerette
Since Feb 15: Certified Lu Jong Teacher by Tulku Lobsang, Certificate