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As a Shiatsu therapist, I am committed to experiencing the Yin and the Yang Energy, questioning my female and male inner sides, going through fasting or a feast, enjoying a hard rock concert or an opera, relaxing in cold water or in a sauna…
Questioning my needs, perceptions and intentions, has helped me to understand the Life Energy (Ki) in a deeper way. I must also accept the fact that I cannot or do not want to experiment with all kinds of Ki experiences. Nature is so vast and unpredictable and that knowing, testing and training our defenses, has brought me to respect my body and explore the life we live in more.
Would you like to know more about how to experience your Ki? I would love to know your thoughts!

Questions from the daily work:

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It makes me furious!! And everything get blur focusing only on one thing… The secondary effects are incredible headaches!”

Why there are only 24h in a day! Life is so wonderful I want to live it fully and we want to have our baby, but I am so tired and I feel less and less energy to do everything! How can I have more energy?”