AAA- Test – Shiatsu

Shiatsu – an Introduction

The Shiatsu aim is to reactivate and support the innate body healing energy. The Shiatsu therapist reactivates this energy and supports the client to keep it alive and nourish it.

Who can benefit?

Shiatsu is an empirical remedy oriented towards people of all ages who wish to get their inner balance. Shiatsu can support you in living a healthy life.
Following is a short list of imbalances, which can be treated with Shiatsu: Tensions, Stress reduction, Chronic Pain, Headache, Neck – Back – Low Back pain, Preparing for or Recovering after an operation, Sleep disorders, and more can be treated.

Especially, I support Women and couple during and after pregnancy. The Shiastu method can also support the couple with the desire for children.